Support. Strengthen. Donate.

MLH provides women and children a time to reclaim their lives and stabilize in the wake of abuse. Our focus for their year in residence is to help them to connect to community resources and to build supports in their lives.  We provide counseling, advocacy and other support services in order to aid in this transition.  Our goal is to help women feel strong enough in themselves that they do not return to their abusive relationships or begin another.

The women who are in our Programs are all living in poverty.  The decision to not continue an abusive relationship means that women are single parenting by necessity.  Most who are living at Margaret Laurence House are on income assistance, which barely covers the basic necessities to feed and care for their children. This is a cause of great stress for women.

As Margaret Laurence House is a small non-profit, we rely on community members such as yourselves to fill in our financial gaps to help to ensure that our families have what they need.

In today’s climate of economic slowdown, your support is of particular importance. Financial support to Margaret Laurence House helps us to continue to provide our programming along with our affordable housing for families.

Here are some things that your funding helps us to provide:

  • rent subsidies
  • grants for food to families
  • bus tickets for women to attend appointments and for their children to attend school
  • birthday and Christmas gifts
  • access to computer and internet for resident use
  • lending library of educational books and dvd’s for resident use
  • activities that help our MLH residents connect with the larger community, something that is of particular importance in the often isolating reality of single parenting
  • speakers to come and present to the women on topics that they identify as important for them.  In the recent past we have had speakers speak on Non-violent Communication, Budgeting, Internet Safety and Sexual Health

If you would like to support Margaret Laurence House, please contact us for more details.